Butler Method of Rapid Fascia Release

More and more, medical science is beginning to discover that many, if not most, of the symptoms we experience in the soft tissues of our bodies are related to, or caused by, problems with the fascia. And there are lots of techniques and processes out there, like myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and massage that can help release fascial adhesions.

But all of these techniques rely on the assistance of trained therapists who have varying levels of expertise in their specialty and possibly limited experience in the condition that is causing the pain you feel.

Who Better Than You?

A much better way to address the pain and dysfunction you experience is to find a way to release adhesions all on your own. After all, who better than you knows exactly how you feel, what works for your body, or what does not work? All of that information comes from your personal experience and can never be completely understood or experienced by anyone else, no matter how expert they are.

But how do you accomplish this? This is where the Butler Method of Rapid Fascia Release comes into play. It's by far the fastest, easiest and most effective process I have discovered yet.

It Begins With The Stretch...

I have spent most of my professional career as a Structural Integration Practitioner exploring the subject of fascia and how to restore it to a more normal and unrestricted condition. I was intrigued by how the body could change and become more flexible, strong and aligned once the fascia was released of its adhesions.

Nearly all of my early work involved using my hands to manually stretch the fascial layers of tissue on my client's bodies. From there, I began experimenting with more traditional stretching practices, focusing on choosing stretches that were carefully targeted to my client's problem areas.

But I really wanted to find a way to teach my clients how to find, and then release, fascial adhesions all on their own. I wanted them to have a truly customized healing experience. I wanted to help the millions of people around the world who could not come to see me personally.

So, I began to experiment on my own body. I tried holding the stretch for various lengths of time. I tried stretches that released tissue sharing the same fascial plane in the body. I tried every variation of stretching I could think of. Then, one day, it happened.

The Butler Method of Rapid Fascia Release was born.

Sometimes, It's The Simplest Things...

You know how sometimes the things that work the best are the simplest? That's how it was for me when this breakthrough occurred. I found the most effective results came when I shortened the time to hold the stretch and I also found 2 simple little additions to the stretch that make all the difference. That was it!

"The results were scary! They were scary because they worked so fast and were so effective. I have never experienced anything like this before. I had a hard time believing that results like this were even possible."   -Tina Yarbro, TOS Sufferer, Murphy, Texas

The Butler Method of Rapid Fascia Release...

  • Recognizes that the body is the ultimate authority about what is affecting it.
  • Understands and respects that damaged and adhered tissue has specific limits within which it can safely function.
  • Encourages "baby steps" to maximize the effectiveness and safety for anyone using this technique.
  • Incorporates just two simple additions to the normal practice of stretching that makes all the difference in the world.
  • Emphasizes developing the "body listening" skills that drive the process of release.

The result? All the stuck places that are causing your symptoms release very quickly, safely, and effectively. You feel better fast. Your pain simply dissolves and disappears. And when combined with the right stretches that work on the right problem areas in the right order, the end result can be stunningly effective.

How Can I get The Butler Method Of Rapid Fascia Release?

The Butler Method of Rapid Fascia Release is presented, with full instruction, in all versions of the Self Care Toolkits offered on this website. Included are activities and exercises that will help you learn the technique quickly and make the results more effective. Each Self Care Toolkit will give you all the stretches and exercises, in the right order, for the best results possible. Everything you need is included.

Click the block below that most closely matches your injury for more information and to find the Toolkit we offer to help you in your recovery.

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