DeQuervains Syndrome

DeQuervains Syndrome (Thumb Pain) is a condition affecting the thumbs, the wrist and often into the top of the forearm. Because the thumbs are used in every motion of the hands, the symptoms of deQuervains Syndrome can be very distressing indeed.

The thumbs have very small muscles and tendons associated with their anatomy . Because these muscles are so small, they can be easily overwhelmed. It is helpful to understand the anatomy of the thumbs in order to appreciate the delicate nature of this condition. Relief from troubling symptoms is dependent on the restoration of the thumb alignment and balance back to a normal condition.

DeQuervains Syndrome is one of the most difficult repetitive strain injuries to control and recover from. It seems to have a propensity for coming back if care is not taken to continually maintain the health and good condition of the muscles and tendons involved. As a result, it is especially important that appropriate methods of self care be thoroughly understood and followed.

It is entirely possible to find relief from deQuervains Syndrome and enjoy a relatively pain free future provided you learn about the condition, learn to control its symptoms and follow through with consistent practice of simple self care techniques that help to maintain the health of the muscles and soft tissues that control the thumbs.

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