Hellerwork is a powerful system of somatic education and structural bodywork which is based on the inseparability of body, mind and spirit. Hellerwork makes the connection between movement, body alignment and personal awareness and is based on the assumption that every person is innately healthy.

During the course of a series of Hellerwork sessions, optimal body alignment is restored through the systematic manipulation of connective tissue including fascia , tendons, and ligaments.

The re-education of common movement patterns to remove chronic physical stress and reintroduce the pleasure of unencumbered movement, and the enhancement of personal awareness through dialogue and self discovery are also emphasized during the Hellerwork series.

The goal of Hellerwork is to reconnect the individual with themselves, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and to restore optimum physical and structural balance.

Here's a video that explains more about Hellerwork:

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