Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cover of Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome book.

This book is for everyone who has hands!

This leading category of injuries will soon become a thing of the past. This is the most complete program ever developed for the relief of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, neck and shoulder pain, hand pain, wrist pain and elbow pain.

You Will Learn Everything You Need For True Self Care

• Learn how soft tissues function and why they develop repetitive strain injuries.

• Discover how gentle stretching can help restore full function and comfort to your hands, arms, neck and shoulders.

• Choose the most appropriate exercises to relieve your symptoms by reviewing the Symptoms Charts included in this program.

• Create an effective injury prevention program based on your occupation.

Here's What People Are Saying About This Book

"I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after breaking my wrist. Symptoms became so severe I had difficulty remaining at my job. This exercise program gave me instant relief. I am delighted by the results."

- Suzanne Madrigale, Administrative Vice President

"After eight years of using a wrist brace it feels wonderful to be rid of it. These exercises really work for me."

- B. Firestone, Educator

"Unbelievable. This book is the best investment I have ever made in my health. The ultra simple concept of "stretch points" is a game changer. I am so happy I believed in the other reviews and bought the book. I saw results within a week of following the process. I do it every morning now. Easy and effective. If you have carpal tunnel problems... GET THIS BOOK."

- Mike M., Satisfied Customer

" This is a must have for anyone who suffers from any sort of pain or numbness/tingling in their neck, shoulders, arms or hands. It's not just for carpal tunnel syndrome. The book is full of good exercises. But the real gem is the part in the beginning of the book where the author talks about how to do the stretches correctly. She calls it, "finding the 'stretch point' ". Basically, the stretch point is all about doing the stretches with much less vigor than most people think of doing during a stretch. I think the stretch point is critical to getting the most relief, especially if you are suffering from pain at all.

One of my favorite features of the book are the charts. One chart is finding the exercises best for you based upon your profession. The other is based upon your symptoms. Each chart has a list of recommended exercises to try, making it good place to start so you can get some relief."

- A Satisfied Customer

"As a chiropractor, I can, and frequently do, heartily recommend this brilliant book to people with all kinds of aches and pains so that they can heal themselves. One of the most striking things about this book is it's simple design that makes it very easy to use. Within 15 minutes of picking up this book you can understand what a "stretch point" is (don't skip that part) and begin doing stretches geared specifically to your symptoms. What a great contribution Sharon Butler has made to healthcare!"

- Dr. Pete Sutliff, D.C., Warren, MI

"I cannot suggest this book strongly enough. A year ago, I got mild carpel tunnel and severe tendonitis from teddy bear making and typing. I had tingling in the fingers of my left hand. After one day of doing these exercises, the tingling was gone.

Also, I recommended this book to a friend with carpel tunnel. A month ago I asked her how she was doing and she said she was now fine. Any time she had some symptoms, she simply did the exercises and the symptoms went away.

This book deserves ten stars. The exercises are very easy, can be done at work or home, in bed or even in the car (some of them!) Definitely try them before you consider surgery or any drastic treatments."

- Anna Klein 

"My Grandpa has been suffering with pain, throbbing, tingling in his hand for quite some time now. He has had all kinds of braces and Doctors advice - the suggestions in this book have helped him relieve pain, and most of all relieve his worry that he could not understand what was going on with him. Sharon's book is so well written and illustrated he was finding answers in a matter of minutes and exercises he could do at his age (84).

"Grandpa has also started sharing the book with other seniors taking them through the exercises - he has me sending books to all old buddies through Amazon.

"Highly recommended!"

-Dina Amadril, Long Beach, CA

"I am a technical writer and have been working at a computer daily for almost twenty years. I developed carpel tunnel syndrone in 1996. My right hand would get numb and prevent me from sleeping at night. I also experienced some pain and discomfort during the day. I wore a brace on my right hand with minimal results. After buying this book, I started taking it with me to work. I merely did some of the stretches for three days in a row and suddenly, I was 80% improved. No longer does my hand get numb at night. From time to time, I do some of the neck stretches and they seem to keep the problem under control. My dramatic improvement seemed to me to be a miracle."

- Maureen Falkowitz, Middletown, NJ

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About Sharon Butler, Author

Sharon Butler has been studying the function and structural integrity of the human body for the past thirty-two years. Having spent her career specializing in the correction of soft tissue injuries, she created this program after developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome herself in 1991. Not only did she completely eliminate her own symptoms of repetitive strain injury but she also helped tens of thousands of others achieve the same relief, non-invasively, permanently, and inexpensively.

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