RSI Coaching Audios

Congratulations on your decision to purchase the RSI Self Care Program Coaching Audios. I am sure you will find the recordings to be an important addition to your Self Care Program.

The recordings follow along the Six Week schedule of your RSI Self Care Program. You will learn:

  • How to use your breathing to get even better results from your stretches.

  • Everything you need to know about the tissue that is causing your symptoms. (Hint: It's not the muscles!).

  • How your attitude affects your posture and what to do to correct it.

  • How stress changes how you use your body and how that contributes to RSI's.

  • How stretching on the floor can really boost your recovery results.

  • What you must know about making equipment changes at work.

  • What are trigger points and why don't I emphasize them in my recovery programs.

  • How to change your attitude, stress levels and muscle tension so you get your best results.

  • Could fear of pain be causing you more pain? You bet! Learn how to relax and get better faster.

  • How to control the inflammation that is present in every case of RSI.

  • How a simple, FREE solution can shortcircuit your symptoms.

  • Which activities to include in your day and which to cut back on so your recovery goes as fast as possible.

  • What to do immediately after work that will prevent symptom flare-ups.

  • Why creating a bit of pain may actually be helpful to your recovery.

  • How to reintroduce sports and other activities into your daily life.

  • And much, much more.

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6 MP3 RSI Coaching Audios, $15.

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Enjoy Your Coaching Audios!