Eliminate Your Neck And Shoulder Pain In Just Minutes A Day!

I'll Show You Exactly What To Do, And How To Do It, So You Can Get Back To Your Life - Without Pain!

I'm not talking about the kind of neck and shoulder pain that goes away with a little ice and rest.

I'm talking about the pain that makes you fearful of every move, makes it impossible to do the things you love, and makes a mess out of your work day.

Have you ever felt that sharp twinge you get when something cracks or pops in your neck or shoulder? You know you're headed for pain in the next nano-second. It can happen simply by bending over to pick something up off the floor, or by reaching for something in a new way. At any rate, it hurts and you want it fixed NOW.

Or maybe your neck and/or shoulder pain is more constant, like a nagging headache. Deep, lingering pain can interfere with everything you do.

If you've ever suffered with pain like this before, you know how much it affects everything in your life.

It makes your life miserable.

How Would Your Life Be Different If You Were Free Of
Neck And Shoulder Pain?

  • You could finally get a good night's sleep

  • You'd go back to enjoying activities and sports you love

  • Playing with your kids would be enjoyable again

  • Work at your computer would be easy and comfortable once again

Here's What Some Satisfied Customers Think About
The Neck and Shoulder Pain Self Care Toolkit:

"For seven years I couldn't cook, clean, or hold a book. No "expert" among the 15 doctors and countless physical therapists I consulted was able to help me. In the end, Sharon Butler was the true RSI expert who helped me achieve recovery. When I first read her explanation of the role of fascia, poor posture and previous injury as critical factors in the development of RSI's, I cried with relief because her principles made so much common sense. Now I am fully employed as a technical editor with extensive computer use. I maintain my wellness with a few of Sharon's simple stretches. I discovered that even if your injury seems beyond hope, you truly can recover from RSI."

- A. Troffer, Denver, CO

"I just spent the afternoon digging in my flower beds and moving plants around-last spring I couldn't do much at all. Try one of Sharons programs and things will start to come back to you maybe slowly at first- just think 'baby steps'."

- jmw

"The good news is that I have really benefited a lot. I have much more range of motion in shoulders and arms, my chest is more open and shoulders not as hunched forward, I have more strength (and my massage therapist says she definitely feels more muscle mass), many abnormal sensations in my arms have disappeared completely, and I'm doing a lot more activities like cooking, cleaning, carrying things, etc. Recently I hosted a potluck dinner for 10 people and made a large pan of lasagna -- which I would not have considered attempting even a couple of months ago. I've been especially pleased with this progress because in the past whenever I tried any kind of stretching program it just made me worse. Your stretches are so gentle, and your program helps people build up gradually from one movement to the next. Also I really got a lot out of all the extra information you include about how to stretch, plus other tips for dealing with RSI."

- Eleanor Ely, San Francisco, CA

"You are giving your toolkits away!  If I had an injury in another area and needed another of your ebooks I would pay $500 for it!  In my opinion that's at least how much it would save me in massages, physical therapy copays, lost work time, aggravation, etc, .  I would pay $20 for your shoulder circles stretch alone!  I did that stretch 20 times throughout the first day and each time I got such immediate and immense relief I felt like crying because I had *finally found something that worked*.  *I could envision my life without pain again*.  

Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise."

- Lisa Weber

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note...have faithfully done the stretches since I got your course eight days ago. 


I have tried three other courses (getting some relief), exercise programs, acupuncture, chiropractic..but this one is the only one that stops the pain."

- Blair Birthisel

You've Tried Lots Of Things To Feel Better But None Of It Has Worked
So Far...


Because there are parts of your body, other than your neck and shoulders, that are playing a role in causing your pain.

Missing any one of them can cause your pain to remain.

How Do I Know?

My name is Sharon Butler.

I have been a Certified Practitioner of Hellerwork Structural Integration for 30 years. During that time, I have helped thousands of people eliminate their pain caused by stress, repetition, dehydration, injury, poor posture, and bad body mechanics.

I understand how your injury works. I can help you customize a recovery program that is tailored to your specific needs.

The Neck and Shoulder Pain Self Care Toolkit contains everything you need. Plus, it works!

Four Things That Will Help You Feel Better Fast

  • Stretching

  • Improved Body Mechanics and Posture

  • Stress Reduction

  • Hydration

Why Does Stretching Help?

Stretching is the fastest way to restore your body back to the way it used to be before you were in pain.

Stretching restores length to your muscles. It frees them up from restrictions. It allows them to move freely once again.

But, you must know how to stretch properly in order to get the most from the time spent on stretching.

Knowing How To Stretch Is Good, But You Also Need TARGETED Stretches

What Are Targeted Stretches?

Your body has a certain wisdom about how to let go of the painful conditions you experience in your neck and shoulders. It's important to give your body what it needs, when it needs it, in the proper order, to have the greatest impact on your pain.

Targeted stretches focus not only on the areas that hurt, they also encourage release in the tight and restricted muscles that contribute to your pain that are not located in the neck and shoulders specifically.

In addition to stretching your neck and shoulders, there are four additional areas of your body that are contributing to your pain, whether you feel pain in these areas or not. They are:

  • Armpits

  • Chest

  • Under Your Shoulder Blades

  • Low Back


The challenge is, if you do not spend time bringing these four areas of your body back to a more normal condition, your recovery program is doomed to fail. Include them in your stretching line up and you face a far greater chance of seeing lasting benefits.

The Neck and Shoulder Pain Self Care Toolkit contains a balanced selection of stretches that restore your neck and shoulders, and all the other areas of your body that contribute to your pain, to their proper function. 

Your Toolkit contains stretches that help your entire body recover from neck and shoulder pain - even the ones that you wouldn't think of. 

And, the stretches are offered in the right order to get the job done as quickly as possible.

What About Body Mechanics and Posture?

Body mechanics (how you use your body to perform tasks) and posture play a really important role in neck and shoulder pain.

Your body was designed to be used in a balanced way. When you disturb that balance by slouching, shifting your head forward, or leaning back in your desk chair, and do it for a long enough time, the soft tissues in your neck and shoulders begin to change. They shorten, harden, and stop allowing you to have effortless movement.

Those muscle changes lead to pain, headaches, and muscular tension.

So, learning what you need to do to have good posture and proper body mechanics can be the difference between success and failure when you are trying to get rid of neck and shoulder pain.

You'll find great tips and useful advice on body mechanics and posture in your Neck and Shoulder Pain Self Care Toolkit.

Stress Can Play A Huge Role In Your Neck and Shoulder Pain

Are you aware of the effect that stress has on your body? 

  • Everything tightens up

  • Joints no longer move as freely as they should

  • Your breathing becomes shallower, causing a shortage of oxygen to your brain

  • Nerves can misfire 

  • You go numb to what's happening in your body

Stress is very hard on your body and can stop your recovery from pain.

Included in your Neck and Shoulder Pain Self Care Toolkit is a wonderful, relaxing meditation that will significantly reduce your stress levels.

At the same time, while listening to this soothing recording, you will learn how to focus your attention on your muscles. And learning how to "listen" to your muscles can be a real key to success when you are trying to get rid of pain in your neck and shoulders. Exactly how this works is explained in detail in your Toolkit.

What Is Hydration And How Can It Help Me?

Hydration is how much water you have available in your body. When you have enough water in your system, all of the soft tissues in your body (muscles, blood, lymph, ligaments and tendons) have what they need to function properly.

When you drink enough pure water each day, your body will enjoy more effortless and comfortable movement in all parts of your body.

Learn more about hydration in the Neck and Shoulder Pain Self Care Toolkit.

How About Some Expert Help?

"I listened to your first audio - candidly, it was brilliant - extremely educational and it alone is worth the cost of the Toolkit bundle.  I look forward to reading the book and listening to the balance of the audios. Now, as a heavy coffee drinker who doesn't drink a lot of water - I know where to start."

Best, Brian Robbins, NY, NY

Well, now you can!

I will become your "Expert In Your Ear".

Included in the Neck and Shoulder Pain Self Care Toolkit are a full 3.75 hours of coaching audios. I give you all of my most essential professional advice and information - just as if you were a private client of mine, spending hundreds of dollars for personal sessions with me.

I will share with you all the tricks of recovery, all the little details that can make the difference between getting better quickly, or having lingering pain that lasts for weeks on end. 

These tips were developed over 25 years of working with people and their injuries. And you won't find information like this anywhere else in the world!

Introducing The Neck And Shoulder Pain 

Self Care Toolkit

Your Toolkit Contains:

65 Page Self Care Program, Available as a Convenient PDF Download

  • 20 Therapeutic Stretches to release and renew the muscles that cause your pain, and all the neighboring muscles that contribute to your symptoms
  • 39 illustrations to show you how to properly perform your stretches
  • Complete instructions so that you can complete your recovery at your own pace

Your Toolkit Also Includes:

  • 3.75 hours of Expert Coaching via MP3 Audio Recordings
  • "Welcome To Earth: Scanning Your Body" Meditation Audio (MP3 Format)
  • Upgrades for Life!

A Complete Recovery Program For Much Less Than The Cost Of One Physical Therapy Appointment!

Purchase a copy of the Self Care Toolkit. Open it, try it, test it, feel what it does for your body. Kick the tires on it for a full 60 days. If at the end of that time you are not happy with the results you have achieved, let me know and I will gladly refund your full purchase price, NO questions asked. You have nothing to lose!

Order Now!

Neck and Shoulder Pain Self Care Toolkit

Are You Ready To Be Pain Free Starting Today?

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I hope you enjoy great success using the Neck and Shoulder Pain Self Care Toolkit!

All the best,

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