Tendonitis Symptoms

Tendonitis symptoms range from mild to really severe.

The severity of symptoms seems to be related to

  • The amount of muscle tension passing through the injured tendon
  • The size of the muscles associated with the tendon
  • The presence of adhesions that affect the normal motion of the muscle and tendon
  • Unconscious body habits that contribute to strain without the awareness of the sufferer
  • Inadequate hydration of the fascia 
  • The misalignment of the joints associated with the tendons in question.

Tendonitis generally does not have numbness or tingling associated with it.

The symptoms of tendonitis develop as a result of too much strain passing from the muscle through to the tendon that attaches that muscle to bone.

Muscles that are affected in this manner will feel like tight, ropey cords that are contracting all the time.

This constant contraction creates a continuous pull and strain on the tendons that irritates them, creating pain, aching and discomfort, especially when moving the wrist or elbow.

Tendonitis symptoms can feel like

  • A strong pulling
  • Sharp pain when moving a joint
  • Sharp pain when lifting or carrying anything
  • A deep ache
  • A drawing sensation that seems to follow a straight line through the muscle into the tendon

Tendonitis can make a muscle feel as if it has lost all its strength, as if it will fail if it is called upon to lift or carry weight. These symptoms can significantly interfere with normal daily activities including those for work as well as home life.

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