"I would like to see everyone in the world suffering from RSI give Sharon Butler’s programs a try. I think Sharon is the top expert in the world on how to teach people to recover from RSI using simple self-help techniques." T. Slade, Norman, OK

"I am delighted at the major improvement in the night time burning and numbness in my arms and fingers after just a few of your exercises! 70% better already!" F. Kerr, W. Columbia, SC

"I started using Sharon Butler’s Neck and Shoulder Self Care Program about a month ago. After the first three days my constant shoulder pain went away!" Sorehand list member

"I think the most important part of this program is learning to stretch properly. I struggled with RSI for two years and saw many Physical Therapists during that time. They all showed me stretches to do, but never showed me HOW to stretch. I finally learned how to stretch properly through Sharon Butler's Self Care Program. Her stretches WORKED. And, now that I know how to stretch, the PT stretches work too! I recommend going through this program before anyone goes to the Physical Therapist for the first time. It’s just too easy to stretch improperly and make things worse. I see others make the same mistakes I did." E. Warendorf, Germany

"I’m much better now - back at work for 10 hour days plus overtime by using Sharon Butler’s Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Self Care Program! The program is logical and efficient. I have recommended her website and programs to many people at my work and elsewhere. It really can’t hurt anybody to give it a try. Just try it for your health." Joyce W.

"Sharon Butler’s Self Care Programs are about freedom from physical pain and restriction. Simple to follow and easy to understand, every Chiropractor and Physical Therapist should recommend these programs to their patients. Sharon is rewriting what we call 'Health Education'." Dr. J. Dohn, DC, Long Beach, CA

"I was experiencing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) with a lot of neck and shoulder pain and my shoulders popping out of place. By the end of the first week of Sharon Butler’s program, I was miraculously improved and back to typing 60 - 80 hours a week. And - no TOS symptoms!" T. Parry

"After finding the medical community couldn’t offer me much help, I applied the common sense guidance and exercises offered on this website and successfully solved all my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms as well as other related problems I’d had for years." J. Cecchetelli, Pottstown, PA

"Sharon's explanation about how soft tissue really works and her emphasis on stretching, water intake, etc. will really help motivate people to try something besides surgery and/or drugs. We just have to change behaviors to see any result." Jean Augello, RN, Ph.D., COHN-S, CCM Waco, TX, Occupational Medicine Specialist

"After trying a great number of alternative therapies for RSI, Sharon Butler's stretching program was by far the most helpful to me. Within a few weeks my typing capacity expanded threefold with much less pain. Over time I have reached a point where I feel well most of the time and don't even think about RSI much. Her theory that RSI originates in adhesions of the fascia has corresponded well with my own personal experience." Scott W., Electrical Engineer, Ann Arbor, MI

"For seven years I couldn't cook, clean, or hold a book. No "expert" among the 15 doctors and countless physical therapists I consulted was able to help me. In the end, Sharon Butler was the true RSI expert who helped me achieve recovery. When I first read her explanation of the role of fascia, poor posture and previous injury as critical factors in the development of RSI's, I cried with relief because her principles made so much common sense. Now I am fully employed as a technical editor with extensive computer use. I maintain my wellness with a few of Sharon's simple stretches. I discovered that even if your injury seems beyond hope, you truly can recover from RSI." A. Troffer, Denver, CO

"I am enjoying the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Self Care Program. I love the way the program is put together. It feels like you are speaking directly to me, making it so easy to understand. I have recommended these programs to several friends. You have my enthusiastic recommendation!" A. Boser, Issaquah, WA

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