Forearm Pain Anatomy

Forearm anatomy is interesting in that the forearms are one of the few places in the body where most of the muscles run nearly parallel to one another. Most of the muscles originate close to the elbow and extend all the way to the tips of the fingers. Several other muscles which assist in twisting motions of the forearm are also major contributors to the injury process in the forearms. These muscles generally lie in a diagonal pattern near the elbow and wrist.

Flexor Muscles Of The Forearms

Muscles on the palm side of the forearms are known as the flexor muscles and are responsible for curling the fingers palm ward. Any grasping, lifting, holding, cupping motion will be accomplished by the flexors. The flexor muscles are also responsible for bending the wrists palm ward as well.

Extensor Muscles Of The Forearm

The extensor muscles are found on the opposite side of the forearms and are responsible for bending the wrists toward the back of the hand. When Diana Ross put her hand up and said “Stop in the name of love!” she was contracting the extensor muscles of her forearm. They shorten as the wrist bends toward the back of the hand. When a computer user rests his or her wrists on the desk or on a wrist rest, the wrist bends toward the back of the hand and the extensor muscles contract.

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