Forearm Pain

Forearm Pain Can Affect Anyone

Forearm Pain can seriously affect your life.

• Do you have to use two hands to lift a five pound bag of flour at the supermarket?

• Is it almost impossible to squeeze the gas nozzle as you pump gas into your tank?

• Did you stop your weekend painting job because of the screaming pain in your forearms?

• Does it feel like an impossible task to hammer in those loose nails on the deck out back?

• Has typing on a computer become more and more painful?

You can feel the weakness and grabbing in the muscles.

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Forearm Pain Is A Common Problem

Forearm pain (or aching, restriction, or weakness) is a common problem in today’s working world. It also shows up in the sports world too. Hobbyists, woodworkers, crafters, gardeners, and even Moms get it. It can happen to anyone.Usually developing slowly over time, this injury is based on how you use your arms and hands. It sneaks up on you and then WHAM! Your world seems to change overnight.

Who Is Affected By Forearm Pain?

So, let's take a closer look at this very common repetitive strain injury.  If you think about all the groups of people I mentioned above, they all have certain things in common. They grip things. (Who doesn't?)

Let's take a closer look at Moms. Moms are often surprised when they get Forearm Pain. Most people think this kind of injury happens when you work on a computer all day long. Far from it. This type of injury can affect anyone who uses their hands, which basically means anyone.

Think about how a Mom's forearm muscles have to work with these kinds of movements. You hold onto your squirming baby when you change their diapers. You grip a baby food jar to try to remove a tight lid. Then, there's the laundry. Grabbing, pulling, lifting, transferring, sorting, folding. And, did I mention cooking, cleaning, carrying heavy grocery bags? How about Driving?

Losing Function Is Shocking!

One of the things that can be a real shocker is when you lose all ability to turn a door knob. Amazing, isn't it? Keys in locks can present a unique challenge too, especially if the lock is sticky. So can emptying a dishwasher. Or stirring a big pot of pasta sauce. Do you carry a heavy briefcase or computer bag in your hand? I'll bet the thought has crossed your mind about switching hands, significantly lightening the load, or leaving the bag behind.

I think rolling luggage came about because of Forearm Pain. Imagine yourself at the airport, struggling to get your big, heavy suitcases up to the ticket counter while dealing with arm pain? It's not a pleasant experience.

Forearm Anatomy Is Key!

All of these examples of happen because of the interesting anatomy of the forearms. Be sure to read the Forearm Anatomy section to learn more. After all, there is power in understanding your opponent, even if the opponent is your own body. Here's the link.

Forearm Pain Anatomy

And, don't miss the section on Forearm Pain Symptoms. Even though this injury seems rather straightforward, it can share symptoms with other repetitive strain injuries as well. Finding the best help for your case will happen when you have clearly identified your symptoms. Here's the link.

Forearm Symptoms

And finally, what are you going to do about your pain? The Forearm Pain Self Care section has some tips for you. Here's the link.

Forearm Pain Self Care 

I know all of this seems daunting. It can feel pretty scary actually. But fear not. There is a lot that you can do for yourself to get rid of symptoms, once and for all. And, you can do it on your own, without drugs, surgery, time off of work, etc. Let me show you the way.

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